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[EDMONTON, CANADA] A promising new program that teaches students to pause before reacting to turbulent emotions and conflict is being tested at a west-end elementary school, mental health and school officials said Tuesday.

The change in the students’ behaviour at Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic School was almost immediate when educators introduced the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) program in October, said Tom Shand, executive director of the Alberta division of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

New program helps students deal with conflict (via teachersworldwide)


DIY 1000 Paper Cranes Backdrop. When I say everyone can do the majority of projects I post I really mean it. To have the patience to do this one is another matter! This was too cool not to post and was done by a bride for a boho wedding backdrop. Tutorial at The Boho Wedding Blog here. The bride said in the comments:

The beautiful story of 1000 paper cranes includes the thought that if a bride folds them for her wedding, she will carry this patience to her marriage and bring with it happiness, luck and prosperity.



Mi’kmaq 1870-1900

The McCord Museum

“”Waltes” is a game of chance that has been played by the Mi’kmaq since at least 1600 A.D. The circular dice were tossed by slamming the wooden platter against the ground. The score was kept using carved sticks representing various values. Waltes was played using six dice, but David Ross McCord collected eight with this set.

The reaction to first contacts was one of surprise and incredulity, and ultimately adaptation to new realities resulting from the arrival in North America of Europeans. Each other’s customs were learned, new behaviours were observed and differences and similarities were noted.

The French were not especially surprised to find gambling games among the Mi’kmaq, such as this one called waltes. They were, however, surprised at the apparent calmness of the players: “They are very faithful about paying their gambling debts and never make a fuss or exhibit the least impatience, because, they say, they are playing only for entertainment and to find consolation in their friends.” (Chrestien Leclerq, Nouvelle relation de la Gaspésie, p. 560-561).

Waltes is normally played with six tokens (although there are eight in this photograph) that are flipped when the wooden tray is hit against the ground. The sticks are used to keep count of the score.”


For Easter decor, why not make egg planters?

After Easter, the plants — eggs and all — can be planted in soil. 


— Hold an extra-large or jumbo egg on its side. Tap the pointed end firmly with a table knife to just break through the shell; turn it slightly and tap again to remove the “cap.” [Reserve the contents to cook with] and rinse the shell.

— Create a drainage hole by carefully pushing the point of a small knife through the bottom of the shell.

— Gently remove about half the soil from around the roots of a small plant. Ease the roots and remaining soil into the shell; add a small amount of soil to cover the roots.

(via Pretty Ways to Decorate with Easter Eggs for Easter from Better Homes and Gardens)

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